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Ecstasy is a synthetic drug that, when consumed, causes hallucinations and causes you to feel more energized. It has been said to give the person the following: increased energy, pleasure, increased emotional warmth, and altered sense of time and impaired judgment.

People take Ecstasy as a way to lower their inhibitions and diminish their perception. Known colloquially as Molly or X, Ecstasy is typically sold in pill form (although it can also be found in powder form). Recently, people have been able to purchase Ecstasy online via delivery services such as Amazon Prime Now. They’ll typically deliver orders within one hour.



Known on the street as X, Adam, or MDMA, MDMA pills are a synthetic drug known primarily for its hallucinogenic and stimulant effects. It’s known to impart feelings of increased energy, pleasure, emotional warmth, and distorted sensory and time perception.

Researchers think that MDMA also releases serotonin, which is responsible for regulating mood, impulse control, sleep cycles, hunger (and hence eating), body temperature , and social behavior.

People who take large doses often report feeling an urge to hug or kiss others (even people they are not familiar with). Others become extremely attached to their friends and keep them at arms’ length for fear of intimacy. Ecstasy has a wide range of side effects that vary from person to person.



MDMA, or Ecstacy MDMA Pills, has a long history of non-medical use. In 1912 it was patented by Merck as a substance that helped blood circulation, and in 1965 it showed up in Berkeley when a chemist accidentally dropped some on his hand and thought he’d been pricked by an LSD syringe. Three years later, people started testing its psychoactive properties.

The term Ecstacy first appeared around 1970 after drug researcher Alexander Shulgin had studied it and found it stimulated empathy and created feelings of emotional warmth with others. He brought his discovery—and chemical synthesis instructions—to a group of psychotherapists in California who used it to help patients open up about their feelings.



Ecstacy MDMA Pills look like a little pill with a V on one side and either an X or a heart on the other. They are also known as Ecstacy, Molly, E, X, and MDMA. There is no specific color for Ecstacy MDMA Pills as each pill will vary based on who is making them. One thing that doesn’t change is that they all have a slight gloss on them from being pressed.

Ecstacy MDMA Pills are often taken in powder form, which can be mixed with water and swallowed like you would take cough syrup. Some people believe that taking Ecstacy MDMA Pills orally is safer than smoking it but that’s not necessarily true.

Buy Ecstasy MDMA pills online overnight
Buy Ecstasy MDMA pills online overnight
Street Names for Ecstacy MDMA Pills
A lot of people are wondering where can you buy Ecstacy MDMA Pills online overnight, or how to buy Ecstacy MDMA Pills online overnight, or order Ecstacy MDMA Pills online overnight. Here are some common street names for Ecstacy MDMA Pills (otherwise known as molly, x and ecstasy).

Molly is one of two forms of pure Ecstacy MDMA Pills powder available on the illicit market; in contrast to crystal/powder form is ‘mixed’, which refers to tablets containing both mdma and other substances. ‘E’ or ‘X’ or XTC refers to tablets containing only mdma.




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