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Himalayan Mad honey is made by bees that feed on rhododendron flowers, which give it its psychoactive effects. Rhododendrons, evergreen flowering plants that grow in temperate, mountainous areas around the world, contain chemicals called grayanotoxins. Buy Mad Honey

Wild Honey are collected from the wild bee colonies Apis Laboriosa found in the isolated forest in Himalayan mountains of Nepal. The world’s largest honey bee, Apis Laboriosa (the giant Himalayan honey bee) is a wild bee and makes it combs cliff over hangs on rocky mountains.

We are, who organized the delivery of wild honey to anywhere in the world, and we have extensive experience in this. Our company is in constant development. We are looking for the best and most affordable ways to deliver mad honey around the world. Buy mad honey

Weight: 450gm

Be Careful: This Honey should not be taken under the age of 18. Don’t give to children!

Honey should be stored in a safe place, out of the reach of children, and clearly labeled as Mad Honey. People could easily confuse this product with normal honey and get poisoned by eating too much


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