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Buy Zopiclone online. It is a benzodiazepine-related sleeping pill. It is also familiar by the trade name Zimovane.



The most common: taste disturbance (bitter, metallic taste).

Feeling of drunkenness, headaches, movement coordination disorders, confusion of ideas, drowsiness (especially in the elderly), sleep disorders.

Change in libido, rash with or without itching, double vision, digestive disorders , muscle weakness, fatigue.

Exceptionally: elevation of transaminases .

In certain circumstances and in certain people:
paradoxical reactions with increased anxiety, agitation, aggressiveness, confusion of ideas, hallucinations;

anterograde amnesia .

These disorders require discontinuation of treatment.


Risk of adverse effects greater in the elderly

The recommended dose for elderly patients is 3.75 mg. The dose may be add if the lower dose is not effective, but a higher dose is more likely to cause central nervous system side effects in the elderly1.

In elderly patients, the elimination half-life of zopiclone is prolonged to approximately 7 hours, compared to 5 hours in younger adults. The risk of next-day ‘hangover’ effects such as drowsiness, cognitive impairment and dizziness is, therefore, higher in the elderly. These ‘hangover’ effects put elderly patients at greater risk of falls, and may also affect their ability to drive.

Psychiatric adverse events, including depression, suicidality, psychosis and schizophrenia, have been associated with the use of zopiclone. Psychiatric adverse reactions and paradoxical effects such as restlessness, irritability and aggression are more likely to occur in the elderly1.


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