TRĒ House Mushroom Chocolate Bars


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 TRĒ House Mushroom Chocolate Bars

If you’re looking for a cosmic culinary experience that combines the decadence of chocolate with the mind-altering effects of magic mushrooms, look no further than TRĒ House Mushroom Chocolate Bars. These delectable treats design to take your taste buds on a journey through the cosmos while providing a euphoric and relaxing experience.

Features and Flavors

TRĒ House Mushroom Chocolate Bars come in four tantalizing flavors: Cookies & Cream, Fruity Cereal, Chocolate Milk, and Peanut Butter. Each bar contains 15 squares of rich chocolate infused with a potent blend of mushroom extracts. The bars are made with all-natural ingredients and design to provide a range of benefits, including body buzz, euphoria, relaxation, cerebral effects, and mind-melting fun.
Benefits and Directions for Best Results
The magic mushroom blend in TRĒ House Mushroom Chocolate Bars offers a range of benefits, including enhance focus, memory, creativity, and mood. For best results, it is recommended to start with one chocolate square if you are new to psychedelic edibles or microdosing. More experienced users can adjust their dosage up to four squares for a more intense experience. It is important to be patient as the effects may take up to an hour or more to fully kick in.
Ingredients and How They Work
TRĒ House Mushroom Chocolate Bars contain a proprietary blend of liposomes and nootropics that target the same receptors in the brain as traditional psychedelic mushrooms. The bars deliver nutrients and compounds directly to your cells for maximum absorption and efficacy. Ingredients such as lion’s mane mushroom, 5-HTP, and Rhodiola Rosea work synergistically to optimize brain function and provide a safe yet potent psychedelic experience.


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