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Psilocybe cubensis B+ is the most magical mushroom thanks to the didactic effects and unknown origin. It is one of the “new mushrooms and was discovered in the late 1980s. It is known for its golden caps and unusual shamanistic capabilities and is very popular due to its easy, rapid growth. These sensation-enhancing psilocybes are a great choice for smaller doses, first-timers, or casual day tripping. Buy B+ Dry Mushrooms

B+ Magic Mushrooms are one of the most well-known and popular Psilocybe Cubensis strains. As one of the most positively reviewed strains among the shroom community, the B+ magic mushroom is the perfect introductory shroom for beginners — but don’t let that deter you if you’re a veteran psychonaut! Recognized for its incredibly warm visuals and spiritual trips, the B+ shroom is guaranteed to satisfy all psilocybin enthusiasts of all levels of experience.


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